Together we raised $30,000 for University High School!


Continuing To Build The Legacy

Since 2013, the UHSFAA has awarded over $82,000 to UHS
in the form of technology and tools benefitting current and future students.
This year UHSFAA is asking for your help again
to support more technology gifts as well as two new programs called 


Learn about the Keys-to-College Scholarship Program and
the Professional Development Internship Program
which directly support UHS students.

And then
Donate to the 2017 Campaign for Excellence


Our beautiful patio is installed and celebrates the alumni and famiies of UHS.
Bricks are available for sale with your donation and are installed in batches.
Make a donation and submit your engraving to become a part of the legacy of excellence of UHS!

All Campaign for Excellence donations greater than $100 are eligible for a brick or inscription.

Make a donation and receive a brick with your engraved name
or provide the inscription for a recent donation

UHS Alumni Survey

Connections are invaluable for success, and the UHSFAA encourages networking among alumni, parents, and current students

Click here to take the UHS Alumni Survey now!
(Note: when filling out the survey, you may choose privacy settings)

Three lucky respondents to the alumni survey will receive one of the following prizes:
$50 gift card to Target
 UHS Logo Mug
(offer applies to respondents through 12/31/2017) 

Facts about UHS you may not know:

  • UHS is the most economically and racially diverse college exam school IN THE COUNTRY!

  • UHS is a Title I Program school. MORE THAN 56% of UHS students qualify for free and reduced lunch. The student population of UHS is 51% African-American, Latino or mixed race

  • The number of students at UHS receiving a free college-preparatory education is bigger than ever, at 1170.

  • UHS continues to be a free pathway for first generation college bound students at an increasing number every year. 

  • In the College and Career Center students have access to computer resources, college application support AND free peanut butter sandwiches! For some kids, this center is truly a lifeline to their future success! The majority of these resources (including counselor salary) are provided by support of the UHS Parent’s Association, the UHSFAA donors and the community.

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