The Founder's Club: Launched in 2010, The Founder's Club permanently recognizes donors who gave more than $200 during our start-up year. The list of Founder's Club members is on permanent display in the administration offices at UHS.

Class of 1977: Helaine (Diamond) Levy, Andrew D. Schorr
Class of 1980: Anonymous
Class of 1981: Gretchen Gibbs, Bingham Lowe
Class of 1982:Tracy Pitt
Class of 1983: Richard Ketcham
Class of 1984: Doug Levy
Class of 1985: Michael and Petra Braun-Boghos
Class of 1986: Kelli Armstrong-Smith
Class of 1987: Melissa Portell
Class of 1988: Ilana Addis, Carl Allen and Hillary (Boswell) Allen, Alejandro Canelos, Jonathan Furst, Heather Howard, Thomas Jenney, Cathy Nichols, Erica Pan, Ravi Rajagopalan
Class of 1989: Chris Baker, Laura (Shaffer) Danker,  Kurt Fangmeier, Britta Fink & James Martin, Joel Friedman,  Amy Hartmann-Gordon, Naureen Hassan, Gretchen Hull, Vanessa Picard, Sarah (Weidler) Young
Class of 1990: Oscar Campos, Josh Cartin, Ted Glenn, Rene Guerrero, Jennifer Gurney, Michael Hicks, Dan Jurkowitz, Deana Mayland, John Neil, Christopher Pershing, Robb Pinegar, Guy Potucek, John Rhodes, Laura (Pinnas) Sagerman, Jessica Smith, Kristina (Konrath) Swallow, Karen Tempkin, Angela (McCorkle) Thomas
Class of 1991: Jennifer Angel, Greg Gemson, Jessica Graybill, Lucinda (Heckerman) Peralta, Agatha (Matosek) Precourt, Colin Sanner, Cindy Schorzman
Class of 1992: Sandeep Deshmukh, Miguel Peralta, Jami Proctor-Xu, Kara Surwit
Class of 1993: Terry Hurford
Class of 1994: Gita Bal-Pitura, Christopher Martin, Eric Rudner, Shirley Salmeron Dugan
Class of 1995: Arjun Chakravarti, Kevin Molloy, Beth Viner
Class of 1996: Anne (Williamson) Hagey, Lily (Morgan) Owen
Class of 1997: Vincent Intintoli
Class of 1999: Kyle Colavito, Nathaniel Green, Tiffani (Kirby) Kapke, John Rhodes
Class of 2000: John Curry, Brian Decker, Michelle Teicher
Class of 2001: Chandler Christoffel, Christopher French, Shira (Pinnas) Liu & Chang Liu, Yasmine Jahanmir, Kathryn MacFarland, Brigid Rotigel, Adam Sarvana, Linnea Williams
Class of 2003: Evan Feldhausen
Class of 2005: Timur Kalimov, Lauren Peate
Class of 2007: Steven Crane, Marissa Peate, Laura Van Buren
Class of 2009: Eric Van Buren, Scott Van Buren
Parents and Parents of Alums: Anonymous, Todd and Mary Anderson, Joe and Leti Berring, Marta Berry, Lorraine Blackmon, Marcy Briggs, Jim and Terri Delaune, Rob and Amy Draper, Bill and Denise DuPont, Gricelda and Edward Eades, L. Anthony Fines and Susan Ferrell, Bill and Anita Jones, Bonnie and Elliott Klahr, Katherine Leister, Robert and Lisa Lehnhardt, Maria and Arthur Martinez, Earl and Claire Mendenhall, Leah and Jeff Mercer, Wayne and Lynn Peate, Jack and Ellen Pinnas, Michael and Mary Ruehl, Trisa and Andrew D. Schorr, Charles and Donna Singleton, Donald and Janet Lee Smith, Mae Smith, Diana Tolton, Karl and Carol Van Buren, Diane and William Vail, Debra and David Weidman, John and Lucy White, Elizabeth and Perry Whitthorne, Wendy and Tom Wurr
Faculty/Staff: Aleida Gehrels, David Herring, John Hosmer, Paul Karlowicz, Carolyn Kemmeries, Elizabeth Moll, Jack Nolan, Henry Pilote, J. Berry Roberts, Mary Sepich, Krystyna Serkowski, Kristin Tully, Robert Yell
Friends: A & E Specialty Marketing LLC., Anastasha Lynn The Donald Pitt Family Foundation