Isn’t UHS a public school? Why do they need additional resources?

Public schools across the country are trying to do more with less. Some are shining examples, like UHS, but every year it gets harder and harder. UHS needs resources above and beyond what is provided by the state. UHS is competing with a proliferation of private schools and public charter schools. The Foundation has been created to ensure a viable future for this very successful public school (by acting as a representative voice for UHS in the ever-changing landscape of education and public policy making) and to provide capital for projects that directly support UHS students and teachers or elevate the reputation of the school to prospective students.

If I give money to the UHS Foundation, how do I know the school district won’t re-allocate that amount of money to another school?

The Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) allocates its money to each school purely based on the number of students at the school. (This is the same formula used for charter schools.) Once that money has been assigned, the UHS Site Council works with the Principal to determine how to allocate the money within the school. The Site Council is made up of community members including parents, teachers, students and other community representatives. The Foundation is able to supplement the budget assigned by TUSD (the District does not have the authority to remove funds from a school’s budget line items). Additionally, the Foundation has been strategic in selecting three community representatives onto the UHS Site Council. They also hold seats on the policy and budget making committees. Some additional money can come to a school through county bonds or state legislation. The Foundation is actively placing representatives on various TUSD task forces to provide a loud voice in support of UHS.

UHS shares a campus with Rincon High School and the building is technically leased to Rincon. I don’t want to provide resources that UHS might not actually enjoy in the long-term.

Yes, University High School is considered a lessee on the RHS campus. However, there are specific projects that the UHS Foundation can fund that will be directed only to UHS and will help with its long-term growth. The Triple-T Infrastructure Fund (Technology, Textbooks and Tools) is designed to only fund such projects and an application process is in place to ensure this. Click here to learn more about the application process for UHS student and teachers to receive support from the Triple-T Infrastructure Fund.

How can you guarantee that UHS will eventually become a stand-alone school with its own campus? Isn’t the situation with the District and the State Legislature changing all the time?

Yes, the politics in the Arizona Legislature and the Tucson Unified School District are changing all the time, and there are no certainties at this point. UHS students and their families also have an evolving list of wants and needs. However, we know that UHS continues to make strides as a premier model of success in the public school system. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, we know that UHS needs a powerful community voice within the public education structure to ensure that its future is strong. Without political capital provided through the Foundation, University High will have an uphill battle to gain its own campus and control its future.

My child went to UHS but that was years ago, why are you contacting me now?

Your child may have graduated from UHS and moved out of your home long ago but you probably still appreciate what a UHS education did for him/her and for your pocket book! Did your child get a top notch education tuition-free? Did your child get a scholarship to college? Did he/she go on to graduate school and pay for it? Does he/she have a successful career today? If so, then UHS helped to improve your financial situation as well as that of your kids! We hope you will consider giving back now.

Does the Foundation have a plan to raise money?

The Foundation has a strategic development plan in place that draws from the traditional fundraising model. Funding is being pursued from all sources including individuals, corporations, private foundations and planned giving. Small gifts and major gifts are all appreciated.