Support UHS through the UHS Foundation

UHSFAA has four ongoing funds along with an annual fund for a specific project chosen each year.  You can donate to any of the funds below.

CAPITAL ENDOWMENT For long-term campus and building improvement
The University High School experience depends greatly on students learning from each other and holding each other to high intellectual standards. The time is coming when University High School may be able to have an entire campus to build a culture of greatness. The University High School student body continues to grow and the level of excellence continues to stay high. Taking ownership of our own campus will be achieved through political strength and financial resources, both of which will come via the UHSFAA.

PRINCIPAL'S DISCRETIONARY FUND Providing resources where they are most needed now
Typically, college preparatory schools have resources available for community activities such as college application workshops, and student recruitment events. Funding is available to celebrate and build on the success of the school through honorary alumni walls and alumni give-back events. Because of the way the Tucson Unified School District budget is structured, University High School is prohibited from funding these kinds of events. Too often, teachers and staff write personal checks to pay for necessary items. Your support will help UHSFAA enhance the reputation of University High School by allowing its principal to provide resources where most needed.


THE T-T-T EDUCATION FUND Technology, Textbooks and Tools, Direct to the classroom
Although, University High School currently shares its campus with Rincon High School, there are some projects that the UHSFAA can help fund where the benefit will go solely to University High School. Specific items that can be designated as the property of University High School would fall into this category along with specific supplies. Students and teachers prioritized the following categories: computers and computer infrastructure, textbooks, supplies for fine arts, sports and lab equipment. Prior to designating any money for a project, UHS teachers or students would apply to the UHSFAA with specific details. CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE A STUDENT OR TEACHER WHO WANTS TO APPLY FOR FUNDS



To donate by check Make it payable to UHSFAA and mail it to:
P.O. Box 12548, Tucson, AZ 85711

For Arizona Taxpayers Only: Arizona tax law allows taxpayers a credit for contributions made or fees paid to a public school for support of extracurricular activities. This will go to directly to University High School and not to the UHSFAA. The maximum credit is $400 for married taxpayers and $200 for singles. This link takes you to TUSD's donation page. Select "University" and "Undesignated" and 100% will go to UHS:


Thank you for your support!