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UHS Alumni recently competed 
in a very successful $4 to $40 Facebook Challenge!

All in all, we raised over $5,500 for UHS!!

The following classes will receive a full brick with their name:

Class of 2006 with 91 donors
Class of 1994 with 46 donors
Class of 2013 with 40 donors

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Congratulations to our Winner,
The Class of 2006

who will receive a $1,000 gift in its name to UHS!


This patio will celebrate and memorialize the alumni and families of UHS.  
Purchase a brick today to show your part in the legacy of excellence of UHS!
Buy a brick with your engraved name. 

All proceeds go to UHS via the UHSFAA and UHSPA. 
(If you prefer to support the UHSPA exclusively, purchase your brick via

WE DID IT!  UHSFAA Campaign for Excellence reached its goal of $25,000 just hours before the midnight deadline!

You can still make a donation to the campaign and you can still purchase a brick in the UHS Alumni and Family Patio.  Scroll down for patio information. 

Make your donation now!

This year, at the request of the UHS Administration, UHSFAA has committed to purchasing 25 new laptops and providing Internet access to support students who lack the technological resources to fulfill their potential at UHS. Did you know that nearly one-quarter of current UHS students are first generation college-bound? A number of these students come from households without access to a computer and/or Internet. They make trips to the library or other venues to borrow computers and/or for wifi access...but we all know the homework load at UHS, and the travel takes away from time that could be used for studying. We need your help to support these talented and driven UHS students, who are on the right path to become first generation college students. 

Congratulations and best wishes to Amy Cislak, new UHS principal formerly Assistant Principal of UHS. 
For more information, check out these articles in the Arizona Daily Star:
TUSD picks assistant principal to lead University High
New UHS principal was CDO softball standout

The University High School Foundation and Alumni Association (UHSFAA) supports
the needs of UHS as it continues to be one of the premiere public college preparatory institutions in America. The UHSFAA also acts as the official alumni association for
UHS and Special Projects alumni. Money raised by UHSFAA is used to fund projects
and supplies for UHS, as well as to create a long-term endowment for the school.

Past UHSFAA donations have included the following:

2014/2015 - 
$10,000 for projectors and document cameras
$3000 to the Principal’s Leadership Fund
$3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)

2013/2014 -
$3000 to the Principal’s Leadership Fund
$3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)
 $7000 for lab equipment

2012/2013 -
$7500 for new computers

The UHSFAA has barely scratched the surface in providing for the needs of the school which has been running on a survival budget for many years.  YOUR help makes a difference for the leaders of tomorrow! Donate today!

Make a donation to the Foundation!

CAPITAL ENDOWMENT: Long-term campus and building improvement
PRINCIPAL'S LEADERSHIP FUND: Provides resources where they are most needed now
THE T-T-T EDUCATION FUND: Technology, Textbooks and Tools directly to the classroom


What's going on at UHS these days? For more information, check out UHS students' online magazine, The  Perspective.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Alumni
Be on the Board of Directors or a Board Committee. If you are not in Tucson you can still Skype in. Contact us!

Sit on a review committee to determine awards. This is an annual review of applications for the TTT fund and the Pilote scholarship fund. Contact us!

Host a house party for fellow UHS alumni in your city to raise awareness and funds.
Penguins in New York, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Chicago. Contact us for guidance on putting together a friend raiser in your area.
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