UHS Alumni Survey

Connections are invaluable for success, and
the UHSFAA encourages networking
among alumni, parents, and current students

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Three lucky respondents to the alumni survey
will receive one of the following prizes:

$50 gift card to Target
Café Grande Collectors UHS Logo Mug
Set of two UHS coasters, black on white seal design
(offer applies to respondents through 12/31/2016) 

2016 Campaign for Excellence

You did it! The UHSFAA again met our goal, raising $35,000 for
the 2016 Campaign for Excellence!
Thank you to all of our donors who again have made it possible for us to
PAY IT FORWARD for the next generation of penguins!

Money raised by UHSFAA is used to fund projects
and supplies for UHS, as well as to create a long-term endowment for the school.

Past UHSFAA donations have included the following:

$10,000 in new laptops, document cameras and projectors
$6000 to the Instructional Council and Principal’s Leadership Fund for teaching needs
$12,000 received as a matching gift from an alumni and his employer: Google.  New LCD monitors purchased for the new computer science program.

2014/2015 - 
$10,000 for projectors and document cameras
$3000 to the Principal’s Leadership Fund
$3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)

2013/2014 -
$3000 to the Principal’s Leadership Fund
$3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)
 $7000 for lab equipment

2012/2013 -
$7500 for new computers

As you know, UHS has been running on a survival budget for many years .
YOUR help has made a difference for the leaders of tomorrow! 

Our beautiful patio is installed and celebrates the alumni and families of UHS.  Bricks are available for sale and will be installed in batches.  Purchase an engraving today to show your part in the legacy of excellence of UHS!
Buy a brick with your engraved name. 

All proceeds go to UHS via the UHSFAA.. 
(If you prefer to support the UHSPA exclusively, purchase your brick via www.UHS-PA.org)


Make a donation to the Foundation!

CAPITAL ENDOWMENT: Long-term campus and building improvement
PRINCIPAL'S LEADERSHIP FUND: Provides resources where they are most needed now
THE T-T-T EDUCATION FUND: Technology, Textbooks and Tools directly to the classroom





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